• 1 x Large Centre Geared Head Lathe, 3M Between Centres x 1200mm swing
  • 1 x Mazak Quick Turn 35HP CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Lathe, 520mm Swing, 1500mm between centres.
  • 1 x Alpha Harrison 550mm Swing, NC / Electronic Manual Lathe, 3000mm between centres.
  • 7 x Lathes, all geared head with capacities up to 6000mm between centres x 900mm swing, complete with accessories and tooling.
  • 1 x Double Head Webster and Bennett Vertical Lathe / Borer, 1524mm swing x 432mm clearance above chuck (machining flywheels and large diameter pulleys etc).
  • Kearns No3 Horizontal Borer, table size 1200 x 1200mm.