• 400 Tonne ‘Kleen’ Computerised Brake Press, capacity 4500mm Beam and 3770 clear pass.
  • 150 Tonne ‘Kleen’ Computerised Brake Press, capacity 4300mm Beam with back gauge etc.
  • 250 Tonne Brake Press, for straightening items such as Truck Diff Housings and axles, Grader Blades, A-Frames and Draw Bars etc.
  • 120 Tonne Track Press (adapted for pressing various items). A female die can be fitted to form most shapes required in flats, rounds and pipes etc.
  • Portable Rams (up to 200T) and accessories for pulling and pushing pins, sprockets etc.
  • Straightening Bed for repairs to Truck Chassis and large frames etc.
  • 100 Tonne Motorised Servix Press suitable for removing Pulleys, Bearings etc (general applications).
  • 200 Tonne Press Frame, opening 1250mm wide x 2800mm high.